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Legato Plus offers a wide range of audio and lifestyle solutions - from affordable Hi-Fi systems to ultra Hi-End systems.


Since we were founded - our only passion is sound and picture. We provide all our customers not with products, but experience of building the best possible system at a selected price point. We partner with world-leading manufacturers around the globe, seeking for the best solutions in sound and vision. Our expert team can build a system from scratch in any environment - just ask!

Rather than browsing us online - you can visit our studio in the center of Riga. We will provide a listening experience for any taste and demand, consult you on building your system or offer you an awesome pair of headphones to listen on the go!


Our own showroom, with Hi-Fi and Hi-End audio, TVs and projectors. Visit us!

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We distribute our brands to the biggest retail players in Baltics. Want to join the family?

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We provide flexible installation solutions both for residential and commercial customers.

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Our service team can find a solution to almost any problem, be it bad sound or a headache.

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Our company was founded in 2000. Back then our company was focused on consumer electronics and home appliances. Legato Plus was the exclusive JVC distributor in Latvia, biggest dealer of Sharp LCD TVs and more.

Time passed and the core Legato team grew passion into Hi-Fi and Hi-End audio solutions. Legato refocused into Hi-Fi distribution with our first Hi-Fi brand - Jamo. Since then Hi-Fi audio and video became our core business and strategy we believe in.

Legato is a company built on audio and music enthusiasts, we are trying to offer the most outstanding equipment on every price point. Every product we offer is being tested and paired by our team to find the best possible matches and solution for our customers. Today we are a leading distribution company and do much more than plain Hi-Fi!

Our target is to create the best possible selection of Hi-Fi and Hi-End audio, video and distributed systems. Besides that - music is not only a thing for your home. That's why we have a portable and lifestyle audio department for headphones, portable and pocket audio products.

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